Well, Son of a Bitch! Look Who’s the Real Son of a Bitch!

The Butcher Shop

Joe Biden is poised to be the first president to be impeached at his inauguration. Just watch this video.

This is not some political dirty tricks. The evidence is mounting that Hunter Biden used his connection with his father, Joe, to engineer deals in the Ukraine to feather his nest, up to interfering with Ukrainian government and using the threat of holding back funds to halt an investigation about his dealings in that nation, and if that’s not treason In not a white boy from Austin!

And . . . the social media and mainstream media moved heaven and earth to can this story even as they promoted polls assuring Biden as a shoe into the White House.

The sad thing is with all the mail in, and early voting, over sixty million voters have now cast their ballots without knowing who PaPa Joe really is, or what the…

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