Three MacBooks and a Bottle of Gin

The big 3 aren’t in trouble……even though Dorsey (Twitter ass) even lied to the Senate yesterday. They should be but aren’t. This won’t go any further, just like the Biden’s corruption……won’t go anywhere. The Deep State determines who will be held accountable and who will be given a pass. We need good people in high places that will do the right thing. Good luck finding them.

The Butcher Shop

Hunter Biden a year ago, drunk, left 3 Macbooks at a pc repair shop. Data recovered, but never showed up to retrieve and pay. After 90 days it became property of pc repair guy. Hunter was told before, but was able to retrieve his data off the cloud service he uses. So he didn’t bother to pay the $85 bucks.

PC repair guy saw what was on the laptops and contacted the FBI. Main FBI guy who deals in child porn investigations retrieved laptops from pc repair guy and has sat on it for a year doing NOTHING with it. PC repair guy made copy of data before contacting FBI. Gave data to Rudy Guliani. Rudy gave info to NY Post. Post wrote story on Hunter Biden’s emails and pics on the laptops.

Twitter, Facebook, and Google banned and censored anyone who linked to the article. Article was backed up…

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