hunter biden email from burisma to introduce daddy authenticated

Proof Joe Biden lied about “I never spoke to my son about his business!”

And he got rich from Burisma and CHINA, and Moscow mayor’s wife (3.5 million). JOE BIDEN IS A CORRUPT CAREER POLITICIAN!

Joe Biden and the Democrats (especially lying Adam Schiff), have a really big problem, that try as hard as they might, will not make this go away. It started out just as a question as how Hunter got on the board of Burisma without any experience? Trump mentioned this during his impeachment. NOW…….. it has grown into something much bigger, probably bigger than even Trump suspected. It has gone to millions for the Biden’s (now we know as the Biden Crime Family), from Russia and from China. Talk about being compromised…….set up for blackmail. How do we know he hasn’t already been blackmailed? And with the filth that has been found on the laptop (from the one he left behind), we know inappropriate activity runs between father and son alike.

It makes me sick to think there are people willing to ignore all this about the Biden’s and have no problem casting a vote for a corrupt career politician for the highest office in the world. Hate for Donald Trump is greater than any disdain for treasonous Joe Biden.

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