And China has a leash around Joe Biden. China owns Joe Biden.


We know that Great Britain/Germany/France don’t like the U.S. and have always been jealous of the success of the U.S. and we know that Great Britain was a part of the dossier paid for by Billary. So here we are.

They want to control our country and make it into a socialist society. Wonder why – since all of them have made all of their money off the capitalist system. Because they do not want the U.S. to be the leader of the world – they want China?

And why do they think socialism will work when it hasn’t been proven and never worked since all of the countries who have tried it go broke when they try to give everything away free with other people’s money. Is Soros so stupid that he doesn’t know the difference between his a$$ and a hole in the ground?

The story why our…

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