What You Don’t Know About The Hunter Biden Laptop

The Ethical Warrior

No doubt, you’ve been following, or at least have heard of, the Hunter Biden laptop scandal. However, there is even a bigger story with regards to the source of the laptop material itself. That story is for the most part missing from the news coverage.

The material on Hunter Biden’s laptop is but a small portion of all of the damning videos etal. All of this material is coming from former Chinese government officials.  It’s the Chinese version of whistleblowers. They have the material because of their prior business dealings with Hunter and Joe Biden. That’s how the Chinese do business with all world leaders. You secretly videotape them in compromising situations to ensure that they will deliver what they want. By any other name, it’s called blackmail.

Now, new material is being publicly released almost every day. Members of the MSM, and Joe Biden himself, say it is Russian…

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