The Daily Biden


The Biden family, particularly Joe and Hunter, provide us with a daily stream of shenanigans to laugh at or groan over. The questions of “how can they be so stupid?” and “do they really think they can get away with that?” constantly come to mind. I’d ask “what were they thinking?” but that presupposes they are thinking at all. It is amazing that the Marxist media is able to contain all their follies and foibles. The media is probably working harder than they ever have in their lives to keep up with what they want to censor and spin.

Clean up in aisle five!

Shhhh! That’s not news. Ignore it.

Not a foreign agent, he was unemployed at the time.

Anyway, Hunter was busy trying to get some collusion going with these ratsat the time.

Meanwhile Dopey Joe’s ideas are torpedoing other Democrats chances for…

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