don’t you see the manufacturing label on the biden’s? made in china

Twitter at it again………won’t accept this post! (Then after adding this comment they suddenly did). AMAZING!

Made and still owned by China, operating from within the SWAMP!

joe and hunter biden political cartoons - Google Search

Joe Biden, Hunter Biden and others from the Biden family (The Biden Crime Family) placed themselves in positions to be easily blackmailed by China, Russia, Ukraine, Iraq and probably others. Let us be clear, it was and is due to their own ILLEGAL and treasonous activity, according to Hunter’s own words to his daughter for 30 yeas. And……there are people in the D.C. SWAMP that have known about it. Haven’t they Kamala?

Isn’t it interesting that Kamala Harris was a contact for and between the foreign powers that be and the Biden family (according to the Hunter laptop). She is on their list, and it may not be so short! So the primary Democratic debate act by Kamala…….highly criticizing her now running mate was only for show! How is it someone who even said she had so much dislike for Biden ends up his running mate? Because it was a swampy stage show! OR, Harris and the Democratic Socialists blackmailed Joe Biden, forcing him to name her as his campaign VP choice. Biden is vulnerable to not only the Communists Chinese and Russians, but to the Swamp. His own people he has been swimming with for 47 years. Joe Biden is the dirtiest of the dirty!

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