joe and hunter biden international business (scam) partners

What did they sell the Ukraine, China and Moscow (Russia)? Joe had to give them something for all that money that Hunter received and then floated a chunk down to daddy! This won’t go anywhere……..this is how business has been done in D.C., it’s the Swamp. If the curtains came down on the Bidens’; Joe would pull the rug out from under all those swamp rats. They scratch each others back, what ever it takes to carry on. They just pray Trump will be gone soon.


6 thoughts on “joe and hunter biden international business (scam) partners”

    1. I just heard a Dem. congressman say that 2 Senate committees investigated Hunter Biden and came up empty. That is BS. And now we know the laptop was hidden by the FBI, that pretty much proved everything Trump said about Hunter Biden was true. Now we know it is worse. Biden lawyers know it too, they are asking for the laptop back. LOL! The repairman has made 4 copies just in case!


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