4 thoughts on “Joe Biden talks about Donald Trump and his Brain Gives Out”

  1. FB is OK yet.

    But twitter is rejects everything I try to post, even my support against animal cruelty video 😦 I’d like to setup a new online FREE communication-site – for soberly thinking, learning individuals. Everything is possible – for instance in order to murder big pharma in a very short time all customers need is to stop using their “medications” +++ NO CUSTOMERS – NO PROFIT. We need choices – moronic internet is all about major socialistic systems – that choke living vital thinking, honest information and deeds…. Cheers!

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    1. Have you tried Parler. It is very similar to Twitter, without the BS. I like it better. In fact I tried to go to Twitter yesterday to see how it would respond to one of my posts. I could not even find my Twitter account. LOL! Parler……… I think all you need to do is google “Parler” and it will take you there to set up. It’s easy and free!

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