arlin report thought(s) of the day: it is clear what is happening in supreme court nom. hearing…….politics!

What we are really hearing is a 2020 Presidential campaign party! It is more about Trump than it is about the nominee for the Supreme Court. The Democrats are raising one question in particular………the Affordable Care Act. They are implying Trump will take away ACA without having an alternative possibly better than this act! They want us to believe Judge Barrett will change the law…….that ACA will be brought before the Supreme Court. If that were to even happen it would be a failure of Congress, not a Supreme Court Judge (nominee).

What today’s hearing is, is an extended political campaign commercial. Just listen to these Senators speak……….THEY ARE CAMPAIGNING! Period! They are a disgrace to the legislature and it’s effect on our system of our Supreme Court and it’s nominating process to fill it’s seats.

They are using this hearing for a campaign and they are using the Coronavirus as a political tool to shut down this hearing like they have shut down everything else. What we are witnessing is a party desperate for power using every unethical and unconstitutional means.

Sen. Harris, the VP nominee (Biden’s) just said a Supreme Court Judge Amy Barrett would do away with ACA. THAT IS BS! It would not be Judge Barrett, it would come from the Legislature, and it is not to do away with healthcare as the Dems are trying to paint a picture, it would be replaced……hopefully with a better healthcare package. Dems just want to be in charge!

Senator Harris is doing what she does…………misleading and lying!

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