See How They Lie

Well said!

The Butcher Shop

One night, back in the last century, Bill Clinton rolled Monica off his lap and declared news agencies to be entertainment. And what happened after that? The news went from “And that’s the way it is” to “That’s the way it ought to be!”

Bill the Butcher

And as divided as we are, it’s not all CNN, MSNBC, or other left-leaning sources. Fox is crazy, too. Crazy like a Fox. I like that. Now, where was I? Oh yeah.

Look at the picture accompanying this article. Let’s analyze that. The picture on the left declares that Texas is one of three states that has declining COVID numbers. Now, I know this. I live in Texas. I check the Bell County numbers every day and seventeen cases in a county of 375,000 people is not alarming. Oh yeah, one dude died, but he was eighty or so and you can…

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