Why aren’t people in jail? Because the Swamp covers all of Washington.


Understand that the CIA lady head is also hiding information. Mam, it is time to “give up the ghost, Obama.” Help us clear the air in our country. You are only making yourself look bad by continuing to follow that community organizer ghost. He committed treason, mam. He is making all of you look like fools.



We just got some bombshell new documents in our lawsuit against the Deep State FBI.

President Obama’s counsel emailed a “TOP SECRET” document to FBI Director Comey and his deputy Andy McCabe the NIGHT BEFORE THE INAUGURATION.

Sign Our Petition Now – DONE.

We know this document involved the reported spy Comey placed in the Trump White House (because we only asked for documents about that situation). But now the Deep State is refusing to let us have that document. We’re going back to federal court to demand answers.

Fired FBI Director…

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