More Biden Lies


They never really stop, do they? Hoping he gets taken to task for this one.

Joe Biden worries - Imgflip

This is the Alinsky playbook used by Marxists because they don’t have any idea how to argue a point. Just malign your opponent and keep repeating your accusations. Low information voters will believe you.

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2 thoughts on “More Biden Lies”

  1. I have pondered, as many, the reason some people insist on global warming/climate change is man-made and an existential threat, that oil is harmful even though their is no indication and we all use millions of oil related products we can’t live without, and that the democrats really care. It’s a conundrum. Never have I heard one cogent, true cause and effect, and understanding discussions proving Joe would be good for our country. I can only theorize they know man-made anything isn’t real, that forest fires are natural and forest management would fix the issues, that oil is good, and such, but that they have an agenda, secret or otherwise, viewing these stances as furthering their agenda.

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  2. ALL PHONY “DEMOCRATS”, “SOCIALISTS” and “MARXISTS” in AMERICA, who have no clue about what TRUE DEMOCRACY IS and our RIGHTS are, ALL YOU, GO OUTSIDE AND SHARE YOUR COVID-19 IN PUBLIC. Celebrate Your Own Hating, Looting, Killing and Burning AMERICA – if you CanNot become more Human – LET THE HELL TAKE YOU.

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