How to Recognize Today’s False Prophets — Radically Christian

I am glad when I speak of events of the day, such as the rioting……I try to state as my opinion or thoughts (Thoughts of the Day), where I believe it is leading us to and what we need to do to defend ourselves. I believe we must be able to interpret the present ourselves best we can……..we control our own future. We know God is watching and He knows all things, even before they happen. I certainly do not.  (Arlin)

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Certainly charlatan preachers and so-called “faith healers,” who cheat, steal, and fool people in the name of God should be called “false prophets.” But perhaps they’re not the only false prophets in our society. Perhaps many of our false prophets are more secular in nature. Perhaps they write books, host television and radio programs, and spread “prophecies” cleverly disguised as political commentary. How do we recognize these false prophets?

Prophets & False Prophets

When we think of a prophet, we tend to think of someone who predicts events in the distant future. However, in biblical times, a prophet did not primarily predict the future, he interpreted the present.The most pressing question a prophet answered wasn’t, “What will happen?” but rather, “Why is this happening?

When there was war, drought, earthquake, or plague, the people wanted to know, “Why is this happening?” Prophets would consult God, interpret the events of…

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4 thoughts on “How to Recognize Today’s False Prophets — Radically Christian”

  1. We are trained animals since we are born. Do everything and think by training only except learning PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY FOR ONESELF… Cheers!
    Just a suggestion – to lift your mood please watch the old CLASSIC on dvd “Love At First Bite” The most delightfully Politically Incorrect Classic, with a super dashing, charming and Noble Vampire, George Hamilton, standing against wretched, criminal, ugly and crooked Human Society. Pushed away from his own castle by socialists in Transylvania he flies to America… This is undoubtedly his Best creative role ever :)))) Badly UNDERESTIMATED ~ but remains a contemporary MASTERPIECE.

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      1. Please do! (The traler clips from the movie are all “fixed” and trimmed” ) You”ll enjoy it from the start – when socialists/communists are taking over his old castle turning it into “affordable housing community” ….. and arrives delivered in his coffin, by mistake, right to the black church during funeral service…

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