melania trump………from th e garden

I listened to Melania Trump’s speech last night……you know the one, where liberals are bitching because she gave it from the Rose Garden, the garden she redesigned and they’re whining about that as well. I came away wishing, why can’t we see and hear more from Melania? I wish she were the Speaker of the House, and I don’t mean White House. She brings decency and compassion to a time where all we hear and see is violence and chaos.

On that garden renovation…….some are upset because that was Jackie Kennedy’s Rose Garden design. WRONG!!! JFK himself wanted that garden put in and if he were alive today he’d say: “Finally after all these years a new look!”

I have a lot of things I could be complaining about with our government and politicians, and none would be over The Rose Garden or from where OUR First Lady spoke from.

Thank you First Lady!

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