Science has come a long way. An Indian mom and a Jamaican dad can now produce an African-American.

Must have been a gene that causes Liberalism!

Didn’t Joe insinuate that Kamala was ready to be President (not Vice-President) on DAY ONE. What: His name is on the ticket. Looks like they are “grasping at straws” again – like Obama – lying to the people to get elected? Are we going to fall for that old line, again?


Fellow American DailyFellow American Daily

Biden Chickens Out: Refuses Cognitive Test

It has been a concern and even an assumption for quite some time that Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden might not be up for the job he is applying to. As I am sure you are aware, the man has made more than a few blunders during his campaign, and not all of them could be labeled as minuscule.

Naturally, as…

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