President Obama and His VP Biden Were Involved in the Coup Against President Trump – General Flynn Was a Target – The MSM Is Covering It Up — The Gateway Pundit

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The targeting of General Flynn was part of the coup attempt of President Trump.  General Flynn had to go first.  He was the first target.

Molly McCann, from Sidney Powell’s legal team defending General Michael Flynn released a series of tweets last night defending the General in the court of public opinion.  The MSM continues to besmirch General Flynn despite substantial evidence that he was an innocent man targeted in the Obamagate coup.

McCann points out how far-left media participants in the coup, like the Washington Post, continue to target General Flynn, but there are (at least) two false premises in their reporting:

The MSM wants to totally ignore the information released by US Attorney Jensen out of St. Louis.  The Jensen production not only exonerated General Flynn, it implicated the participants in the Obamagate coup:

Of course Obama and his VP Joe Biden, who is currently running for the…

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