Color The Election Black

The Ethical Warrior

According to Richard Grenell, “Every Democrat friend of mine says:

  • Biden is imploding.
  • Democrats have gone too far left.
  • Defunding the police is scary.
  • The cancel culture must be stopped.
  • The media bias is out of control.”

Of course, Grenell is a Republican so you might want to take what he says with a grain of salt. However, Democrats have only a small window of opportunity between now and the election to change this perception, to the extent that it exists.

There are three key issues that Democrats are on the wrong side of, as follows:

  • Defunding the police.
  • Against reopening schools.
  • Response to the riots/violence, including support of Antifa.

The problem is that voters don’t agree with the Democratic Party on these issues, in particular amongst Blacks. It’s problematic to say that you’re ain’t Black if you vote for Trump or to call Blacks coons or junkies or lacking…

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