We Have Met The Enemy And It’s The United Nations

The real reason for defunding the police is: To reorganize a law enforcement organization under the helm of the United Nations. Basically, an international police force within our United States. THIS IS THE LEFT, SOCIALIST DEMOCRATS.

The Ethical Warrior

At a recent congressional hearing, Google CEO Sundar Pichai admitted that Google does not follow CDC medical guidelines, but instead complies with UN directives when censoring content. This question came up because of a video that YouTube censored, a video which featured a group of leading physicians saying that hydroxychloroquine was the cure for Covid19. Since the Who wants us all to line up for mandatory vaccinations, courtesy of Bill Gates, this video was taken down.

However, the United Nations interference with U.S. sovereignty extends far beyond Google censoring videos. For example, House Bill 7120 which was recently passed by the House of Representatives would cede US sovereignty to the UN by allowing the UN High Commissioner of Human Rights power over local law enforcement. The house bill is unconstitutional because, among other things, it violates states’ rights. Besides, only the president has the authority to negotiate such a treaty.

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