“if we don’t impeach……………….” You know the rest


5 thoughts on ““if we don’t impeach……………….” You know the rest”

  1. You got to give it to the old bitch and her crew. Their conspiracy was almost flawless and their passion for the mission was unrelenting. B u t t in the long run they are going to get it where the sun doesn’t shine.

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  2. She does have 100 million in personal assets, we could go and protest in her house… she maybe have arm guards I forgot. She is this insane person, more than me I guess, she knows she has the power, although you can dispute that hence she has to maneuver to the new left wing which are just socialist. The key word is, Power, curious thing nobody vote her out….. she has the power Mrs. Pelosi, so she can say some weird things to say the least.

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