The media’s bid to elect Biden is worse than anything Russia ever did – American Thinker

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Just call them Democratic operatives with byines…

It becomes clearer every day that most of the media and other Democrats are so consumed and obsessed with having the power of the presidency that they are willing to destroy our economy and our way of life that has made the U.S. the greatest and most charitable country that ever existed.

Think of this:In the 2015/2016flu season, there were over 24 million cases. I believe those cases were all people with symptoms because there was no effort to test people who were asymptomatic. If it was a long season of eight months, that would be an average of around 100,000 cases per day and there was very little reporting and consternation. The CDC and medical professionals just let it run its course. The numbers dwarfed COVID 19 numbersand remember, those numbers are with huge numbers of peoplegetting flushots.

The overall…

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