Not an Original Thought

My opinion: Obama is pulling the Biden puppet strings.

The Butcher Shop

Who Is The Democratic Choice

Joe Biden has been listed as the Democratic choice, but is he? Joe Biden has lived his life as a follower, not a leader. Every idea he has ever had came from someone else except the words spoken while removing one foot from his mouth to change feet. Plagiarizing the words of other people has been the “norm” for Biden for most of his life.

Who is the Marionette, controlling Biden? Is it AOC? Is it Pelosi? Is it Sanders? We are all unsure. Will the “Puppet Master” be the Democratic Vice President Nominee? That would be my choice. I think that would be the most logical choice. “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer”

I am glad that I am not, or never will be a Democrat. I am a Veteran and a military retiree that has followed history, which informs me that…

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