Clinton & Maxwell and the inside story of their trip

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Exclusive: Bill Clinton, Ghislaine Maxwell and the inside story of their trip to Britain

The Throne Room picture of Maxwell and Spacey is a breach of protocol that few will want to excuseByPatrick Sawer,SENIOR NEWS REPORTERandRobert Mendick,CHIEF REPORTER4 July 2020 • 9:14pm

Bill Clinton and Ghislaine Maxwell pose together for the camera as the pair prepare to board Jeffrey Epstein's notorious private jet

When Bill Clinton flew into London in September 2002 doors naturally flew open for him.

He had stepped down as President of the United States after two terms only the year before and was on his way to address the Labour Party conference.

Among the doors that opened were those to Buckingham Palace, when theDuke of Yorkinvited him to tour the Queen’s London home.

At the time no one could imagine the visit would come back to haunt those taking part.

But it has, followingThe Telegraph’s discovery of this astonishing photograph of Ghislaine Maxwell, first printed on Saturday

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