previous president’s commutes and pardons……….trump has some catching up to do !!!


Liberals go insane. History lesson:

Bill Clinton commuted the sentence of a NY Bombing terrorist, who now sits on BLM, and pardoned his own half-brother.

Obama commuted Chelsea Manning. On his last day in office he commuted sentences of 330 federal prisoners (and pardoned 64 others) for a total of 1,715 commutations of sentences including 568 who had been sentenced to life in prison and a total more than the previous 12 presidents combined.

Total in commutations and pardons:
BHO: 1,715 & 212
Bush 43: 11 & 189
Clinton: 61 & 396

3 thoughts on “previous president’s commutes and pardons……….trump has some catching up to do !!!”

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    Pelosi is twisting in her booties because the President lifted Roger Stone’s jail sentence which was part of the Democrats Russia/Russia hoax. Pelosi didn’t even mention that:

    Bowe Bergdahl, the deserter, gets dishonorable discharge by Obama and avoids prison .

    Didn’t hear Pelosi, the commie, mention anything about that while munching on her false toothies. Also, Pelosi didn’t even mention, Obama invited his parents to tea in the Rose Garden to celebrate this deserter being released with a dirty discharge and left to continue Obama’s work with the Muslims to tear up this country.

    Now where is that statement – didn’t hear Pelosi put out any stink about Bergdahl – and why not? Is it because Bergdahl and Pelosi are on the same side – fighting against Christians?



    1. FYI, I found a photo on Parler of Pelosi being helped down some steps on the Hill, supposedly drunk coming from her office. LOL! But what the hell Teddy Kennedy did it all the time.


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