The Democratic Party is using senility as a Trojan horse for Marxism, and not just Biden — Days of Sunshine

We are the hollow menWe are the stuffed menLeaning togetherHeadpiece filled with straw. Alas!Our dried voices, when We whisper togetherAre quiet and meaninglessAs wind in dry grassor rats’ feet over broken glassIn our dry cellar Shape without form, shade without colour, Paralysed force, gesture without motion; Those who have crossedWith direct eyes, to death’s other kingdom Remember us […]

The Democratic Party is using senility as a Trojan horse for Marxism, and not just Biden — Days of Sunshine

8 thoughts on “The Democratic Party is using senility as a Trojan horse for Marxism, and not just Biden — Days of Sunshine”

  1. In recent politics the abuse of uneducated, mentally unable or rapidly mentally declining individuals and even groups IS A CRIMINAL ACTIVITY – For instance Joe BIDEN is a VICTIM of the outrageous ABUSE as he is put in a position of he is unaware of to play as a phony “front” leader while he is in reality a mentally unable, helpless, disoriented old man. He is mercilessly Abused and Manipulated by political players to the point that this case shall be taken to court as a REAL CRIMINAL CASE clearly presenting how an ultimate POLITICAL abuse of the mentally-disable elderly for the sake of twisted political games. These games with the mentally unable and unstable crowds also ruin our peace and properties, and twisting the meaning of established laws regarding our human rights and our best established American institutions protecting us!!!
    “It doesn’t take a neurosurgeon, it doesn’t take a psychiatrist to realize that Joe Biden does not possess the mental acuity right now to lead this country,” Jackson declared.
    Multiple polls show a decent chunk of Americans believe Biden suffers from dementia.

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    The Black Caucus is riding on Biden’s back to take over the government. That is the reason for all of the advertising we see on TV – do I need to draw a picture. What is the White Pelosi up to? And then you see Romney on the ropes, again, whining. Remember he and McCain lost twice to allow Obama in the door. Now they are at it again – but what is the purpose. Obama didn’t know how to run the government – left us on the banks of destruction and Prez Trump came in and saved the day. And, look at the cities run by Democrat governors and mayors. We have found out the only thing a Democrat can run – is his mouth. It is all – plain and simple as the nose on Pelosi’s face.

    Time for the Republicans to call for “UNITY” to save our country and the Constitution. We can’t sit by while Pelosi is trying to “cut our throats.”


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    1. All these mobs of mentally sick “Democratic” politicians and unruly thugs are clearly psychotic cases – serious MEDICAL HELP NEEDED !! Wondering if they really destroy our country WHO is going to pay tax money, produce food and goods, serve energy, water and other quintessential systems???? on which they entirely depend? Hey, Mad-am Pelosi ~ No icecream for you any longer. Hope our busy-working American soberly thinking population STANDS UP TO ACT and CLEAN UP OUR COUNTRY from the Decaying Parasites, and send them ROT IN HELL. Cheers!

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  3. “Democratic party” is based on a phony “DEMOCRACY” twisting all the best that Democracy is teaching us since time of ANCIENT PHILOSOPHIES. THE PHONY “IDEAS”, “LEADERS” LEAD ONLY TO COLOSSAL ABUSE of the stupid masses… MASS PSYCHOSIS is a well know in clinical psychiatry “events” – through out human history of Europe we read recorded cases of how the hysterical crowds have been leaving their homes, suffering from hunger and illnesses getting together while with their children to follow a mentally ill person, a complete clinical case who shall be in mental institution. When the police tried to put this person in a mad house the crowds have been defending him with they own lives…. It is called mass-psychosis. “DEMOCRATS” are ABUSING THESE SICK CROWDS OPENLY – but the rest of the populations are too busy to notice and learn about what is this “marching” down their streets is going to kill them

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