KOMMONSENTSJANE – READ: Trump Mount Rushmore Speech Transcript — kommonsentsjane

Originally posted on Nwo Report: Source: David Blackmon President Donald Trump hosted a celebration of our great nation at Mount Rushmore. In the process, he delivered one of the greatest patriotic speeches in U.S. history. The corrupt news media, which hates America, obviously hated the speech and is portraying it as having been, in the…

KOMMONSENTSJANE – READ: Trump Mount Rushmore Speech Transcript — kommonsentsjane

Careful, Creepy Sleepy Joe Biden may steal the speech!

2 thoughts on “KOMMONSENTSJANE – READ: Trump Mount Rushmore Speech Transcript — kommonsentsjane”

  1. Well, as right now having all the sources of knowledge, including online, welcoming people to choose sound jobs and opportunities making great sense in life….. we witness thousands of the THUGS getting together to brainlessly destroy everything they have neither build nor possess. They replace their illiteracy and stupidity with False “marxists” labels which only demonstrate more obviously how stupid and illiterate they are. Those “BLM” and other “groups” of thugs MUST LEARN: a Marxist/Socialism is a HARSH REGIME where no other population but only PROLETARIAN, UNION WORKERS are accepted !!!! Those jobless “Marxist-protestors” would be shut on a spot by the Marxist’s horrid POLICE. The thugs, manipulated by Democrats as the “voting source”, Must learn to Work to feed themselves, clean up their neighborhood and begin to learn where they come from, by studding real histories of civilization.
    Right now “Democratic” party who is cultivating the jobless illiterate thugs into the “protestors” supporting them to blindly follow psychotically-troubled “leaders”. Joe BIDEN is the main clinical case revealing a phony “front” leader. This mentally helpless, sick old man is getting mercilessly Abused and Manipulated by Dems to the point that this can be a REAL CRIMINAL CASE of badly abusing the mentally-disable elderly !!!

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