Two Types of People on this Fallen World

We can certainly see Satan’s work in our cities and streets today, with the violence, looting, arson, vandalism and killing.

The Seed Sower

“There are only two kinds of people on this world when we examine the bible closely.”

When Jesus was hanged on the cross there were two thieves with Him. One is a mocker who told Him to save Himself and then rescue them from the cross, but the other asked to remember him when Jesus goes back to His kingdom. This is so true until today as it represent unbelievers and believers of Christ. Many speak solely to blame Him on what is happening in the world and would like to discredit His divinity. Little they know that this is a plot of Satan to lure them away from Christ’s salvation. Some would ask why would Satan do that. The simple answer is that he would like to cause maximum damage. And if possible, try to take as many as he can so that he would not suffer alone when…

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