a "Backwoods" Conservative

My first reaction upon hearing Hitlery, during a recent interview with the ‘Hollyweird Reporter’, say that she remains unsure whether President Trump would actually leave office if he were to be defeated by ‘Creepy Joe,’ was to laugh and shake my head. After all, here is the very same woman who has yet to accept her defeat of nearly FOUR YEARS AGO. But then I got to thinking, wondering if there might be something far more sinister afoot here than just this old battleax who has lost a bit more of her very few marbles. One thing for sure though, it’s not a single day that goes by that I don’t thank God that this greedy, corrupt bitch is not my president!

Anyway, it was in responding to a question posed by the ‘Hollyweird Reporter’ about whether or not she thought the president would leave office “without a fight” after…

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