Stinking Collaborators!


sheep | Sheeple | Know Your MemeWithout firing a shot, their home and the entire neighborhood was defended against ‘protestors’ who would likely vandalize and burn homes if allowed to do so.  But their bleeding-heart neighbors, unable to grasp that a show of force is NOT violence, condemns those that protect them.  If you have been a sheepdog (professional or private) for any length of time, you know how that works.  Some of your fellow residents (I will not call them citizens) are so full of fear, misinformation, brainwashing, and unable to think for themselves that they have actually become part of the enemy forces.    I recently quoted 1 Peter 4:4 which explains exactly what they are doing…”they consider it strange of you not to plunge with them into the same flood of reckless indiscretion, and they heap abuse on you”

These are the people that you must be constantly aware of and separate from.  Be…

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