Man up Woman Up

I am not learning RUSSIAN!

The Butcher Shop

With the series “Black Summer” we are examining the social implications of what we are all going through right now. This situation didn’t just pop up folks. This stew has been brewing for a full minute.

Now, in society there will always be haves and have nots, but there needs to be lives and let lives too. Some people don’t want to be the boss. Some people just want to serve the boss. Some people just love their family. Some people just want supper.

Of course there’s oppression. Of course there’s bad cops. But, there’s also school teachers in Utah organizing back yard schools. There are nurses traveling across the country giving time to hospitals.

This nation was not formed by weak people. This has always been hard. We’re going through a trying period. Now we find out what we’re made of. Now we man up, or woman up, and…

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