Experts Predicting: LANDSLIDE VICTORY for Trump in 2020 — Absolute Truth from the Word of God

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I also believe that President Trump will not only win in 2020, but he will win by the largest Landslide in the history of America

 Why do I feel quite sure of this?  Glad you asked and I will tell you.

Think back to that night – November 8, 2016. All polls had shown that Hillary Clinton had the election in the proverbial bag.

CNN, MSNBC and the network stations were all having pre-victory parties. They were salivating at the thought of seeing Donald Trump go down.

But what happened?  We Conservatives will remember that night for the rest of our lives.  The quiet Americans – the ones who knew about the Marxist ideology of Barack Obama and had suffered through 8 years of his hatred for America – well, they quietly went to the polls and voted for Donald Trump.

WHAT a night that was!

Pandemics and Riots and…

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