arlin report thought(s) of the day: why aren’t we standing with this brave lady?

Why are we, the silent majority, letting this brave lady stand alone among rude, heckling protesters?

The silent majority in this country MUST come out of our shells, the closet……..wherever we are. We are in the midst of a civil war in this country. You don’t believe that? What do you think all the chaos is? We allow them to take over our streets, loot, assault good innocent people. Radicals are having their way with destruction. We standby and just watch, express our rage at the kitchen table……… and then do nothing. It is not enough to just leave it in the hands of law enforcement. They no longer feel supported, so why would they be supportive.

We are late in voicing our opinion, voicing our disgust. Are we going to allow a simple minority of anti-American trash dogs to take this nation? Who gave them approval to tear down our statues and monuments?

We need to speak up, speak out, loud and clear. We need to start showing up!!! We are the blockade!

Destruction of monuments does not change history. Destruction of history books does not change history. Most of those that want to destroy our past do not even know of our past.

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