arlin report thought(s) of the day: silent majority too silent

I have not been making daily comments of late. Not because I have become thoughtless or have less to say. For the most part, I have been more of an observer of what has been going on in our nation. Freedom of speech applies to everyone, but some don’t want those that have opposing ideas, opinions/beliefs to have that same right. That in itself is hypocritical.

What astonishes me, is how we allow a minority of people to believe that they rule and what they demand is ultimate. The silent majority’s greatest mistake is silence. I believe now is more critical for the silent majority to stand their (our) ground. Why does so few have so much their way? For appeasement? That is part of it, but for the most part simply because we allow it. The minority protests and riot to get their way………take over streets and make demands, while we just stand by and watch. We can no longer expect law enforcement to control it. I’d like to see the silent majority…….DEMONSTRATE, not riot, not loot, without vandalism or arson. We have strength in numbers, which we do not use. Numbers at the voting booth is not enough. Take our streets back. Take our communities back. We the people have more power than any elected body of government and that includes the presidency. We are the first line of defense of property, our rights and even our history. Tearing statues down does not change history.

When is enough …….enough?

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