Maybe just the #beginning of the #Blue-Flu protests …

The Goomba Gazette

Louisville police officers walk out on mayor as form of protest, claiming disrespect

Looks like the cops in Louisville read The Goomba Gazette today.

No consequences – no resolution …..

I would hate to take this action, but it doesn’t seem the Warren is not giving the cops any choice. ALL the cops should all walk off the job until they are assured by their pathetic mayor that they will be able to do their jobs the way they were trained to do. Then we will see what kind of response we will get from Warren. Naturally; he will blame the cops for getting the BLUE FLU and abandoning their posts.

What in the name of everything holy are these wacked-out mayors and governors thinking that they will NOT allow the cops to protect and serve as they were sworn to?? Do I blame them for walking off?? HELL…

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