arlin report thought(s) of the day: george floyd surrendered!!!

Is the chaos we are now seeing in Minneapolis part of the NEW WORLD ORDER? Chaos with no justice.

I don’t condone what George Floyd may have done to get himself arrested. But he wasn’t arrested was he??!!!!! I don’t know what he did or didn’t do. Above is a new video I just viewed. It is now the 2nd video I have seen. My question is what aren’t we seeing? There are gaps from the time he got out of his car, the time he was cuffed on the sidewalk and lifted up and moved to the police car. There are gaps! What is happening in those gaps? However, when he was cuffed, and the 3 police officers were holding him down, one with his knee pressing his neck against the street pavement; Floyd was pleading with them he could not breathe. He (Floyd) had surrendered. Why didn’t the three pull him up and put him in the police car? Why?

I am also hearing statements, rumors Floyd died of a heart attack at the hospital. People are now trying to say the pressure placed on Floyd’s neck by the cop did not kill Floyd; he died of a heart attack. BULL! If Floyd had any heart trouble, then this pressure, this act that brought on panic……..may have absolutely triggered the heart attack. Who brought on the panic? His fear of being choked to death! The man had surrendered!! There were 4 cops there……….3 kneeling on him and a 4th standing by watching. You can not tell me 4 cops aren’t capable of pulling him to his feet and putting him in the car. If they aren’t they shouldn’t have been cops!

Now, all that being said, if, George Floyd were a law abiding citizen he would not have been in is this situation. NO THAT DOES NOT EXCUSE THE COPS! People break the law. Some crimes are not violent. From what I understand Floyd was not suspected of a violent crime. The cops appear to be the ones being violent. But, we haven’t seen the entire episode. There are those gaps. Whatever happened in those gaps, if it ever comes in focus could only make things worse for the cops. Will we ever know?

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