Several Sunday morning shootings leave 3 dead and 10 others injured —

Things seem to be getting back to normal in St. Louis. (Arlin comment)

ST. LOUIS – Police are investigating multiple shootings in the St. Louis area that took place early Sunday morning. There were numerous incidents in which a total of 13 people suffered from gunshot wounds. Of those 13 people shot, 3 were killed. Police say a man was fatally shot just after 12:20 a.m. Sunday at…

Several Sunday morning shootings leave 3 dead and 10 others injured —

2 thoughts on “Several Sunday morning shootings leave 3 dead and 10 others injured —”

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    A friend to all is a friend to none. Were these gangs and drugs or just hot- tempered people who are air-heads?

    Did someone take the last piece of friend chicken which wasn’t theirs?

    So sad, that that these people think they have a right to take the life of another.

    And, don’t call me a racist, all of us like fried chicken. The humor is injected to show all of you who were involved in these killings how guided yu are with being stupid and one short of having a full order of french fries.

    Get some help – it is out there and associate with people who can help your stupidity.



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  2. This seemly incurable Mass-Psychotic behavior is brewing from SOUNDBITES of loud FALSE “NEWS” creating a great fear towards “something”. The majority of moronic populations do Not know how to Learn about the facts on real reality. But they quickly decide what to label “good” (themselves) and “bad”(others) and… just shoot!


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