bill gates…….master of what? software? only! (ARLIN REPORT THOUGHT(S) OF THE DAY)

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Bill Gates enrolled at Harvard University in 1973 and during the summer of 1974 he dropped out from the university so he doesn’t have a formal degree though he has received honorary doctorates from Nyenrode Business University, Breukelen, The Netherlands, in 2000, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden, …
Does Bill Gates have a degree? – › Does-Bill-Gates-have-a-degree

Bill Gates is NOT an MD! Has no degrees in medical science, or any science! He may have bought pharmaceutical companies and labs but that does not give him a doctor’s degree. He is not an expert in medicine; of any kind; nor is he qualified to be a veterinarian. Honorary Degrees are just that honorary……a bogus title.

Arrogance and wealth do not make you qualified to rule the world. Gates may think he is a genius. Granted, you don’t become one of the wealthiest humans to ever walk the planet being stupid. Nor does it make you GOD, though he seems to think he is smarter than God. He (Gates) thinks he knows best for us! Gates is one of those individuals that has much knowledge (generally), is very intelligent but lacks in COMMON SENSE.

Because Gates owns pharmaceutical companies and labs, he has become the SELF PROCLAIMED GURU on vaccinating the world. How better to involve his empire. Vaccinate the world, and make it mandatory………..FORCED INJECTION. Who (and WHO) made and gave Gates authority over the world……….let alone the United States? This depopulation advocate, wants to inflict his will on us………this unqualified self proclaimed master of the world. Master of NOTHING!

He is also into microchips for IDs, as in 2020ID. He can stick that up his ass!

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