arlin report thought(s) of the day: what are we teaching our children

This is rather disturbing! Three of my grandchildren (ages 13 months to 6 years) come over 2-3 days a week. We’re the new child care replacement during this coronavirus nightmare. That isn’t disturbing. I’ve enjoyed having them. I love my all my grandkids. Here is what I am learning……….from them or because of them.

What the hell are we teaching them. The 6 year old climbed up on the sofa next to me with his pad (kind of a lap top). He can go into YouTube stuff. It is programmed for kids. Here is what he tapped into: A Day in Prison. I looked closer, he was this prison guard making rounds. There were prisoners (naturally), they even had one with wings! Jailbird I guess. I looked a little closer, or I should say he showed me more he could open and view, like: Prison Life, and there was another called Jail Break. SERIOUSLY!!!!

I remember my mom, changing the channel once because she thought Underdog was too violent. I told my grandson, I thought he should stay out of the prison and jail stuff. Prison was not a fun place. You can’t go to the zoo when you are living in prison.

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