arlin report thought(s) of the day: special counsel for obama’s gang? why not?


You may ask what does the above photo have to do with this article. It has everything to do with it. We wouldn’t have the below without the above! And it doesn’t really matter, I just wanted to post it.

First of all lets get this funding thingy out of the way. Someone will definitely say it would be a waste of tax payer money! When did not having funds or enough ever stop us from assigning a SPECIAL COUNSEL? Think about this, Adam Schiff, Chuck Schumer, and half the people participating in that cheap (being sarcastic) theatrical impeachment hearing are still being paid at OUR EXPENSE! And Nancy spared no expense when she passed overly priced impeachment pens when a BIC would have done the job. That statement I just made “………would have done the job”, if they ever considered that for a moment, what it really takes to GET THE JOB DONE, it would save us a ton of money. And then……..maybe then, we’d even have enough for the $2,000 a month Universal Pay plan that a loser of a former presidential candidate is preaching for. Wondering why she is no longer a candidate or the Dems choice? So we apparently have the funding for all other Special Counsel’s to be called, for a worthy and totally waste of time. Why not go after those that have actually committed a crime(s). CRIME AND PUNISHMENT. IT’S LIKE DONUTS AND COFFEE!

So, as Hillary Clinton would say: “What difference does it matter?” Yes, as Missouri’s Senator Hawley would like (and he is from the SHOW ME STATE), call a Special Counsel to proceed against/on/towards (however you want to say it…….INVESTIGATE, INDICT, PROSECUTE, AND PUNISH), all of the Obama Administration, and this includes HILLARY AGAIN). Take no scapegoats! Go after ALL including THE MAN that so let us all know that he was in charge, so in control, SO SCANDAL FREE! BULLSHIT!

I am sure, if the lack of funds comes up for a reason not to name a special counsel on the Obama gang; many of us who received a $1,200 stimulus check/deposit will gladly give it up and the next one to help funding for legal proceedings against Obama’s mob! But it shouldn’t come to that, Schiff and Pelosi are ready for another impeachment strike against Trump (especially when he wins another term). So money and lack thereof is not an issue. It never is apparently, just ask Nancy, she’s ready to wildly fan out more stimulus money, and funding for neat things she’d like. She wants to send boys and girls to your house and count your bathrooms, then hall those that don’t have their own, if needing quarantined.

So, Senator Hawley, lets get the Obama legality party started, on behalf of the American people for once!

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