mark 11:24

Mark 11:24

Ask and you shall receive. My interpretation of this would be, ask and you shall receive my answer, but it may not always be the way we think we want it.

3 thoughts on “mark 11:24”

    1. No we can not just ask for all, like you said as if taking from an ATM. What we receive from an ATM already (technically speaking) belongs to us. We take what is there, and we “usually” know what is there, we don;t ask, we don’t say thank you. We push the buttons and take what is available. With God, we ask, we thank (or should be), it is given, but all under His conditions. When I withdraw $100 from the ATM I know its coming back in $50s or $20s. With God, He often answers in ways we totally do not expect it. Sometimes His answer is to just have us “think about” what we are asking. The answer always comes, and sometimes it is NO! Does that make sense?

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