Judy mikovits attacking fauci……..(Lie have become more abundant than truth in this country)

Mikovits claims she was jailed, a controversial virologist………on HIV and Coronavirus. Fact-checkers claim she was not jailed (she had actually claimed was jailed without having been charged). She claimed Fauci instigated having her jailed…….. due to their differences. It is getting more difficult in this country/in this world to know the truth on many issues. One makes a strong claim, then others make claims of false statements and flat out lies. Lies seem to be more abundant than truth.

Even when fact checker dispute a story, the story tellers continue to make a claim, do not retract their stories. Not always but frequent. How can we know if the fact checkers aren’t the ones lying? In this case, Mikovits is believable. Why? Becuase #1 Fauci has some questionable associations………with people like Bill Gates. #2 Fauci has controversies of his own.

I am beginning to think THEY ARE ALL FULL OF CRAP.


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