Why is Pelosi afraid to return to D.C.?  How was she involved with the WHO/NIH when NIH gave Wuhan money to build a coronavirus for them?  Is that true?


AP – Get over yourself, Speaker Pelosi, and do what’s right for the country and your members.

Since the members don’t write their bills and buy them from lobbyists – why do they stay in session 24/7?  Why can’t they declare like Texas and reserve only so many days a year for legislation and then hold real full-time jobs on the outside?

First rule of employment:

Pelosi, the politician – seems to be full of “self aggrandizement which is defined as exaggerating one’s own importance or power.

Pelosi needs to take the “water bucket test” which is to fill the bucket with water and then stick her hand in it and then with-draw her hand.  It is then noticeable that with…

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