non-essential politicians by Gary D. Barnett

I would say government is essential, however, most politicians in government positions become non-essential, which leave us with inefficient government. (Arlin Report comment)

All Politicians Are Non-Essential: Therefore, All Government Is Non-Essential

By Gary D. Barnett

“Get thee glass eyes, and like a scurvy politician, seem to see the things thou dost not.”

‘King Lear’ (1605-6) act 4, sc. 6, l. [175]

Could anything on this earth be less essential than a politician? I think not. Throughout history, the politician has been the scum of the earth; the worst form of human, even lower than any car salesman or lawyer; well, most lawyers, as the most common vocation of high level politicians is the “law.” Of course, there is good reason for this, for in order to work around laws, one must be intimately familiar of all loop holes in said “law.”

Some of those politicians are well known, mostly because of the carnage they inflicted on mankind. Some examples would include Genghis Kahn, Mao Zedong, Vladimir Lenin, Joseph Stalin, Benito Mussolini, Pol Pot, Kim Jong II, Winston Churchill, and Adolf Hitler to name just a few. I would add most U.S. presidents, and many in the U.S. Congress as well, simply because as a whole, they have been responsible for more innocent people being murdered than any other of those named. And of course, last but not least, Satin himself was certainly a consummate politician, and fits in nicely with this bunch.Fat for Fuel: A Revolu…Mercola, Dr. JosephBest Price: $1.83Buy New $8.01(as of 02:25 EST – Details)

Politicians all have many of the same characteristics. The three that stand out most are lying, cheating, and stealing. They have other horrible characteristics as well, and these are of course related, in that they by proxy are rapists, torturers, and murderers. Also, a politician’s life’s work is to gain power over everyone else. This is quite the list of qualifications. Some politicians are not as bad as others, but it is not for a lack of trying.

And then there is government. But what is government actually, but an entire group of politicians holding power over others while working in concert to do all the heinous things that governments do. Governments then are just a bunch of politicians, and politicians are just a bunch of individuals in government. Quite a marriage of convenience this has turned out to be in history.

Jumping ahead to today, what have governments and politicians done to improve the original model they sought that I have outlined above? Well, they still lie, cheat, and steal, and they still rape, torture, and murder, but they have advanced by leaps and bounds as far as gaining power and control is concerned. They are always looking for ways to improve and advance their power, and due to this fake coronavirus pandemic, they have achieved grand success in that effort as of late. The U.S. of course has been locked down, government identified “non-essential” businesses have been closed nationwide, the failing economy is being purposely destroyed, unemployment is the worst in history, forced isolation and planned forced vaccination are evident, draconian medical mandates are in place, almost all travel has been suspended, and these measures are said by politicians to be the “new normal.” In addition, medical care and surgeries for those in need have been almost eliminated, and heavily armed police and military have been in the streets for enforcement purposes, which is bordering on martial law. Medical martial law has already been implemented. This is horrendous at every level, and shows that government and its politicians have actually gained many new massive powers, and now are attempting to gain total control over every individual in this country.KetoFast Cookbook: Rec…Dr. Joseph Mercola, Pe…Best Price: $7.32Buy New $8.35(as of 03:40 EST – Details)

For those that did not think things could get worse, it is obvious that allowing government to gain more and more power over these past decades has reached a pinnacle not expected by the dumbed-down masses. But the reality of this situation is that it can get much worse, and the tyranny that is now evident is not the final tyranny. There is much more to come in the future, and this has been openly stated by the politicians, their powerful masters, and those involved with government, as they do not fear the people any longer. That is why they have openly exposed their plans through live false-flag exercises for a long time, and continue to do so. Only the few real thinkers out there are noticing this, but the bulk of society ignores these warnings due mostly to indifference and ignorance.

From the standpoint of freedom, the ability to own property, and to live any acceptable or normal life, we are in a possible world-ending situation. Long held agendas that are based on total control of all of humanity are going forward at an alarming pace, and with little resistance. As certain restrictions are being partially lifted, other measures of control are simultaneously being implemented.

Headlines and warnings are foretelling of things to come, and nothing is being hidden. Is this the new normal you seek?

Pandemic Could Last Two Years
Blood Tests to Fly
Debt $30 Trillion by Autumn
Model: Hundred Thousand Deaths by End of Summer
Fed Pumped $6.7 TrillionEverything I Want To D…Salatin, JoelBest Price: $9.36Buy New $15.76(as of 01:35 EST – Details)
New Mexico governor Seals Off Roads in Hard-Hit City
Meat Shelves Empty
Rats Invade Street and Attack residents

The United States government is not to be trusted under any circumstance whatsoever at any time now or forever in the future. The sordid history of this country’s government cannot be denied any longer, and the only answer is to eliminate the beast. The authoritarians making all the decisions and controlling all of us during this false flag event will face no harm, or suffer in any way due to their actions, for if that were the case, this could never have happened in the first place. They will only gain wealth and power while they plunder and take over society. They know this because they believe themselves to be above the law, while they expect the serfs who make up the general public to bow down and worship their new god called the state. Only eliminating the power at the source by mass dissent will change the course we are on, as the regime’s endgame is dangerously close to completion.

The Best of Gary D. BarnettGary D. Barnett [send him mail] is a retired investment professional living and writing in Lewistown, Montana. Visit his website.

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