Democrats Circle The Wagons

I’m going to write Missouri Southern State University and request “some” of my grades be hidden, anything below a B. Which would end up being half (or more) of my grades. Just release the good stuff. You think they’d do it. Hell no!

The Lone Cactus

I’ve recently noticed a pattern with Democrats. When there is bad news out there, they circle the wagons like nobody’s business. It didn’t always use to be this way. One of the things I always did credit Bill Clinton on, was his belief that when there was bad news, you released it first, before anybody could “control” the story. At least it got released!

When Bobo Obama was running for president, all of that changed. It became a game of hide and seek. First it was his birth certificate from Hawaii. Of course, when it was eventually revealed, several people, including Donald Trump, and my former sheriff, Joe Arpaio, came out and said it was fake. I attended one of Arpaio’s briefings on that, and his forensics folks were extremely thorough in their explanation.

Then you had the whole admission and college records thing going on with Bobo. His college…

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