The Rockefeller Lock Step Script

Wake Up To The Truth

Alexandra Bruce4 hours ago

Dana Ashlie has put together an excellent compilation of people protesting the lockdown in every continent of the world, which is not being shown in the Mainstream Media.

She says that Anthony Fauci has quietly admitted in a scientific paper that the COVID-19 death rates originally projected, that were to supposedly justify the global economic shutdown are merely on par with an annual flu.

Likewise, the Chinese study that originally justified the harsh measures taken worldwide was retracted and the CCP has released a new study that puts completely different contagion rate on the record that it is a fraction of the original one.

So, with the COVID-19 death count on par with the annual flu, you’re probably asking what is going on?

Dana says, “What if I were to tell you that there was a document released ten years ago that completely foretold this…

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