The wisest thing Bush ever said….

The Goomba Gazette

This was sent to me by PG. It was note worthy enough to pass on.

It is too bad that people only listen after it is too late, and then sometimes not at all.

If the people that succeeded GWB would have listened to his words of wisdom (far and few between), it would have been a whole different ball game for the USA dealing with Mr Corona.

Most politicians are like hookers; the only thing that matters to them is what they have on their back. The front is all that counts. They are more concerned with what the country can do for them, then what they can do for the country. The reveres of what JFK said.

Will this #pandemic wise up our #politicians?? That is hard to tell. Based on their past performances, I would give them a #thumbs-down.

Most people #fail-to-realized; the reason politicians areā€¦

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