arlin report thought(s) of the day: A wandering mind, no not like creepy joe’s

Gotham City and The Metropolis Of Tomorrow | We Recycle Movies Gotham, remember when the prisoners escaped the prisons and jails? Chaos! Is this what we are leading to?

It just occurred to me, and maybe it came a bit slow; are they releasing prisoners for VOTES or the coronavirus (for their protection, right?). One makes more sense than the other, but both come from a field of disturbed thinkers.

The crap that is going on right now, and most of it from state and local power brokers, with assistance from an insane House Speaker, who thinks she is supreme, is something like chaos from Gotham. Garbage you’d see on TV or the theater…………this can’t be really happening? But it is!

Is chaos around the corner? Should I have asked……further chaos around the corner?

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