COVID-19 Is China’s “Mass Murder” Strategy for World Domination.

Makes sense. Most logical explanation out there, this is what China has been hiding? Without question, our debts to China are now paid in full, and bring back manufacturing and especially medical tech. and pharmaceuticals. No reliance on China going forward……..NONE.

COMMON SENSE: The evidence has become crystal clear that the United States, South Korea, Japan, and the European democracies have been targeted by the Chinese Communists with the COVID-19 virus. The evidence that the virus was created in a Chinese lab has become irrefutable. This is biological warfare.

With the Chinese economy shrinking and the US economy soaring, President Trump’s America-First policies have become a threat to China’s goal of world domination. This being the case, with it also being an unacceptable outcome to the Chinese Communists, Beijing made a decision to unleash this terrible biological weapon on the world, beginning with their own people. The loss of lives in China was an acceptable outcome to these truly ghoulish war criminals, especially if the outcome would cripple the economy of China’s number one global enemy, the USA.

With the USA and the Western democracies now almost completely shut down, this…

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