arlin report thought(s) of the day: signs pointing in the wrong direction

I wish I had re-blogged an article I read a day or so ago. I am not sure I can explain it fully, but I believe I can rephrase the main point. Closing schools and immunity from/of the coronavirus (COVID-19, Chinese or whatever, you know the one), could work against us, or our school aged children). It was stated the kids immune systems are built up by all being together in their normal settings, by attending school. I had to read the article 2 or 3 times to understand this. But now it makes sense. You gain immunity to something…….like a virus by actually being exposed to it. In this case especially since the kiddos won’t have any symptoms in most cases (true, not all). The article went on to say that, by staying home from school, the coronavirus may actually be prolonged…….expanded if you will. I understand this, as you grow up, babies, toddlers and even teens build up their immune systems by being exposed to common colds….germs and bacteria. As they get older they are less likely to get as sick……. I am 67 years old……I seldom even get the common cold anymore. Yes, taking a flu shot probably helps. But, I still get exposed to stuff…. Anyway, it makes sense to me. We could be counter productive.

Relative to all of that: Things I see and hear about…….things I have seen on video etc.; made me seriously think yesterday: Are we now a socialist nation? We have been ordered to shut it down. People are being arrested for being in a park……….even when secluded. Arrested? Not being told to go home, but arrested. Sure they got released right away……..BUT. It isn’t just that, the majority of businesses are closed. Some (possibly many) will never re-open. A handful of people, on federal, state and local levels are barking out orders. Sometimes, which seems to have become many times are basing these order on statistics, charts that are or may not always be accurate. Things are definitely being overstated. In some cases that may be for our own protection, but they are becoming means of CONTROL over-control as well. It is like we are going through a socialist run, to see how complying we will be. If it doesn’t all go away and soon………..inch by inch socialism is laying more of their ugly eggs.

We are seeing many signs, farmers destroying crops (they say they have no demand for, yet people are running out of food), mild is being dumped. Bill Gates wants to chip you, Fauci wants you to have an immunity certificate (not a voter ID). Everything being done, is about control.

Get my drift, enough for now. I’ll feed you a little at a time. See how socialism works, and you have nothing to say about it.

YES YOU DO! You may not be able to open up your shops right now, but you can open your mouth! Even when they tell you you can not.

Have a great day!

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