pelosi a threat to our election process….. domestic interference

Dems, led by the all inspiring House Speaker (only a title) Nancy Pelosi are taking this Coronavirus era as an opportunity to slip in mail-in voting. Not absentee voting, but I want to mail in my ballot because I don’t want to stand in line to vote in Nov. voting. I may get sick!

Another words an opportunity for voter fraud. Actually another words another opportunity for voter fraud.

The greatest interference to our election process, is not foreign…… is domestic; trying to be pulled off by the likes of Nancy Pelosi, and Adam Schiff. Will he will if he can help, he is one of Nancy’s hatchet men.

2 thoughts on “pelosi a threat to our election process….. domestic interference”

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    There are two ways you can vote – legally or illegally.

    Every voting station should require a photo ID – plain an simple. But the problem we have is the immorality of the Democratic Party which is showing in Pelosi wanting voting by mail. It has been proven i n the past that “voting by mail” is their way of cheating by “harvesting votes.”

    My answer to voting by mail is – NO WAY JOSE!


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    1. It used to be here in Missouri, we showed our IDs to vote. The last time I voted, about 3 weeks ago, they took your ID (drivers license) and scanned it through a machine, similar to a credit card, or it actually photo’d it, not sure. However, it was a process, only took a second. This is also why they wanted to give illegals the opportunity/RIGHT to get a drivers license. Next they wouldn’t even need to register to vote, just show your license and your in the ballot booth. TOTAL BS! CITIZENS ONLY!


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